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Pictolex was created to simplify and make the legal language of companies and institutions more visual. We improve transparency and user experience thanks to legal design. We have a team certified in legal design thinking and our project has received recognition for its innovation and commitment to making law accessible to everyone.

Pictolex in 1 minute

Do you want to know our work in legal design?

There, Carlota, our CEO, will answer the following questions:

  1. Why should we simplify the law?
  2. What is legal design and how can it help us simplify our legal content?
  3. How can we apply legal design in our companies? Practical cases

Our values


we provide transparency in legal relationships between companies and clients thanks to clear, simple and visual language.


We innovate in the legal sector and use technology to automate the document transformation process.

Right to understand

We all deserve to understand what we are signing and accepting, and that is positive for both people and companies.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

we firmly believe in the UN sustainable development goals and that is why we make the legal content more accessible to everyone.


Innovative approach in legal design

At Pictolex we take legal design to a new level. Not only we simplify legal texts, but we also transform them into understandable visual tools that facilitate communication. Thanks to our certification, we turn the complex into clear, the abstract into tangible and the legal into accessible.

Personalized consulting and project management

Each project is unique and at Pictolex we treat it that way. We offer personalized consulting and tailored project management to ensure your needs are met. We work with you at every stage of the process, providing specific solutions to promote effective legal communication.

Technology: a platform on the way!

The passion for innovation moves us and that is why we are developing a platform that will automate the creation and transformation of documents. This technological advance will allow us a more efficient simplification and legal visualization. With Pictolex, the future of clear, visual legal communication is within your reach.


Santander Explorer Award 2021

Start-UPFlama Award

Premi Emprenedor Alt Empordà 2023


Carlota Albanell experta legal design

Carlota Albanell

CEO & Founder
Lawyer and economist with extensive experience in public administration and certified in legal design


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