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We bring legal content closer to everyone with more visual legal documents. Thus, at Pictolex, we improve communication between companies and their clients through the power of legal design thinking.

91% of people consent to the terms and conditions of services without reading them

Visual contracts cut negotiation time in half

71% of consumers and 71% of SMEs think insurance policies have vague terms

The contract in comic book is better perceived and engages better with the reader

Qué es el legal design

What is legal design

The legal design of contracts -legal design thinking- is an innovative methodology that transforms traditional legal content into a visual and understandable form without losing legal validity.
This methodology consists of putting people at the center of legal communication. According to Margaret Hagan, one of the pioneers of legal design thinking, this is possible by combining law, technology and design.

About us and our expertise in legal design

Imagine a world where legal language is understood. That is the world we are building at Pictolex.
At Pictolex we understand the barrier that legal jargon can create between your organization and your clients. We specialize in breaking down that barrier by transforming legal content into visual, clear, and legally valid communications. Our focus on legal design not only simplifies legal documentation but creates an effective communication channel, eliminating the need for constant explanations by legal teams.
We are part of Legal Creatives, a globally recognized community, and are certified by them in legal design. This certification validates our expertise and commitment to revolutionizing legal communication.

Our legal design services

Discover how our specialized legal design thinking services transform legal complexity into clear, visual documents. Take your legal experience to the next level with Pictolex.

Clear language

We simplify legal texts, converting traditional legal language into understandable language to ensure clear and effective communication.

Design and re-design of legal content

We transform legal documents by creating stories in a comic book format and infographics that everyone can understand, without giving up legal validity. We create legal content in a visual and accessible format, making it easier to understand and manage.

Optimization of legal processes

We simplify processes and procedures, eliminating obstacles and streamlining legal and administrative interactions.


We offer training sessions and practical workshops so that your team develops the necessary skills in legal design thinking and legal visual communication.

Legal design project consulting

We provide expert legal design advice to innovate and optimize your legal projects.

Clear Language

Legal texts are characterized by using technical words, having a complex structure, being poorly punctuated or not using common terminology for everyone.
Clear language or plain language is the methodology that allows us to simplify legal terminology and structure information in a logical and human-centered way. For this reason, at Pictolex we are certified in plain language by Legal Creatives, in order to make legal information accessible to everyone.
Why say “The lessor is obliged to pay the rent” when you can say “The tenant must pay the rent”?
Examples of simplification of legal language: legal content of websites such as privacy policy; data protection clauses; content of contracts; administrative notifications.

Design and re-design of legal content

Are you tired of no one understanding what they sign? You are in the right place!

At Pictolex we follow these steps to create new documents or redesign old ones to achieve visual, attractive and accessible documents:

  1. Identifying essential information for the users of the document or site.
  2. Writing legal content in a clear and simple way, using clear language.
  3. Editing the document to highlight basic concepts.
  4. Designing the document so that it is visual and with a clear structure.
  5. Testing and reviewing with the end user.


Examples: provision of services contract, NDA, rental contract, employment contract, insurance policy, bank account contract…

Optimization of legal processes

If you are a public administration or other institution that offers services to citizens, have you ever wondered if they understand you? Do you know where to go? Do they know everything they need to complete a certain procedure? Do they feel comfortable?

We simplify your processes and procedures taking the citizen into account. We base our approach on transparency and clear language. We believe that citizens have the right to understand their institutions.

Let us help you improve your relationships by making processes and procedures accessible and intuitive!


Are you open to change?

Get ready to learn how to improve your customer experience and improve your business relationships.

If you are an in-house team or you are a private lawyer, at Pictolex we will give you the keys to answer the following questions:

What is legal design?

Why legal design is good for your organization?

What is a legal design project?

How can legal design be implemented?

We offer online workshops and workshops tailored to your workplace.

Legal design project consulting

Our team is certified in legal design by Legal Creatives and in user experience. At Pictolex we can help you achieve your objectives with your clients and users.

Do you want to start a project? Are your needs very specific? Our consulting service will follow these steps to guide you and design and implement a project tailored to your needs:

  1. Understanding users
  2. Defining of the users’ problem.
  3. Designing a solution
  4. Solution prototyping and testing

They bet on our legal design

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CEO & founder

Lawyer and economist with extensive experience in public administration and certified in legal design

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